How to apply Star Member Recognition Program?

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How to apply Star Member Recognition Program?

JCI Global has announced a program as part of this year’s ‘Plan of Action.’ JCI Members who participate in this program will be honored at the international summits to be held this year.

You can access the participation form from this link. Details are just below;

Participating is extremely simple; there are four challenges that can all be completed within 10 minutes.

1- Add a detail related to JCI to your social media profile: Place a note indicating that you are a member of JCI Çankaya in your Instagram bio or in the Volunteer Work section on LinkedIn.

2- A photograph from any JCI training you participated in during 2024:

From the trainings we’ve organized up until May this year:

  • Networking
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • JCI Discovery
  • Engage Empower Grow
  • JCI Explore
  • Online Debate
  • International Psychometry in HR

It can be from any of these.

3- A social media post showing that you participated in any event organized by JCI:

From the events we’ve organized up until May this year:

  • Handover
  • Directors Meeting
  • MemberBase meetings
  • Networking & Dart Night
  • Friendship Debate Matches
  • JCNetwork Inspiring Women Talks
  • Ankara Organizations Joint Iftar Dinner
  • Gören Kalpler April 23 Event
  • Oldies Goldies Member Senator Dinner and Pin Ceremony

It could be a photo from any of these.

Additionally, a photo from the Creative Leadership Summit organized by JCI Izmir can also be used for this challenge.

4- Follow social media accounts:


Screenshots showing that you are following these accounts.

That’s all 🙂

You can find the original text of all the Star Recognition programs via this link.